BLACK LIMBA Neck Blank Luthier Tonewood Guitar Wood Supplies BLNB-001

$ 20.00

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Black Limba Neck Blank

Black Limba (Korina) is a wood native to tropical West Africa.  It has a straight, close grain that is occasionally interlocked or wavy with an even but somewhat coarse texture.  As a tonewood, it is comparable to Mahogany in workability and tonal quality.  Limba will make a great guitar.  The measurements are:

33 1/2" x 4" x 7/8" - 1 piece

This blank has a slight bow that I cannot show in the pictures. 

These measurements are my minimum tolerance so the wood you get could, but not always, be on the larger side.  If you need specific measurements, that will need to be worked out before shipping. Not all sets are sanded, therefore, there will be some saw marks from the milling process.  Additional sanding will need to be done by the buyer.

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