BOCOTE FRETBOARD Luthier Wood Tonewood 5/16" Thick

$ 11.99

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This listing is for "one" Bocote fretboard. The pictures are for representation and may not be the actual boards you will receive.

Minimum Dimensions - 21" x 2 1/2" x 5/16"

Bocote is from the same family as Zircote. It has colors that range from yellow, orange, black, and brown. Like some other wood, it will darken with age. It is a very dense wood that is easily worked and should finish well due to its lack of pores. The tone of Bocote is similar to Rosewood.

These measurements are my minimum tolerance so the wood you get could, but not always, be on the larger side. If you need specific measurements, that will need to be worked out before shipping. Not all sets are sanded, therefore, there will be some saw marks from the milling process. Additional sanding will need to be done by the buyer.

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