TEREDO HOLE SITKA SPRUCE Luthier Tonewood Guitar Wood SSAGTHD-006

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Sunken Teredo Hole Sitka Spruce Soundboard (Patterned for a Dreadnought)

These "one of a kind" naturally produced soundboards are the result of the Teredo Mollusc, also known as a shipworm, boring holes into the submerged log.  The logs were submerged (ponded for 30-60 years) in a bay as a float deck before they were recovered. This resulted in the logs taking on the minerals in the water.  These logs are the end of an era, because there are no more floating log camps that use float log decks.  Sinker wood is sought after for its tonal properties and unique colors.  There have been several guitars and ukuleles made from this wood with good results.  These instruments can be seen with a basic internet search.  These soundboards provide natural aspiration without the traditional sound-hole.  Natural sound-ports provided by the Teredo Mollusc.


2 pieces - .140+" x 8 7/8" x 22 1/2"


These measurements are my minimum tolerance so the wood you get could, but not always, be on the larger side.  If you need specific measurements, that will need to be worked out before shipping. Not all sets are sanded, therefore, there will be some saw marks from the milling process.  Additional sanding will need to be done by the buyer.

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